My Favorite Dance Music Videos

MeusVideoclipesFavoritosdaDanceMusic - América Dance 90's

Hello, my dear and dear readers! All right with you?. After a long period away from here, here I finally appear! Generally, my absence is due to lack of creativity, blockage or/and lack of time; It happened again! However, the personal factor also contributed to this. I apologize to you for this. I missed writing and having such an incredible connection with my beloved reader friends. Welcome everyone and thank you for visiting!

60% of the post is ready, however, I’m still waiting for contact from some people involved in the matter, so I can finish it. It is an uncomfortable situation, as it makes the process unfeasible and takes time; and my hands are tied. However, I am aware that it is part of it and, if I really have to wait to be able to deliver something well done, that will be it!

Aninhahy Dance