Mourning at Eurodance: Bernard Greene, BG The Prince Of Rap, dies

Mourning at Eurodance Bernard Greene BG The Prince Of Rap - América Dance 90's

Bernard was born in Washington DC,in September 28, 1965. After studying at Suitland High School and in Prince George’s Community College and move to Carolina do South,he went to Germany in 1985 as US Army. After leaving the Army, he lived off his talents as a singer and dancer; it all started in a gospel choir at school and his first musical experience was in the style Rhythm & Blues. Without any difficulty, he conquered his place on the Frankfurtthus winning the first places in many rap competitions.
He was soon contacted by the producers who would launch his international career. Among these internationally recognized people was Jam El Seawho had already done some remixes for Dr Alban,Puzzle,Frankie Goes to Hollywood It is Stefan Benz, who co-wrote the lyrics to BG’s songs. The rest is history!.
BGThePrinceOfRapRIP2 - América Dance 90's
In 1991came the success “This Beat Is Hot”,who achieved O 1st place at stop Hot Dance Music/Club Play of the USA. The single achieved The position 72 at Billboard Hot 100 of the States United and the position 54 at the stop singles from Billboard HotBlack. One classic Fantastic!. He followed with “Take Control Of The Party”which reached the #2 at the D stopance next year. This track also reached position 71 at the UK Singles Chart,in January 1992. It is still possible to quote “The Power Of Rhythm” It is “Can We Get Enough?”; but we don’t You can talk about BG, without mentioning another beautiful song that lives in the heart of every Eurodance lover. What it is?. That’s right, the anthem “The Color Of My Dreams”!. O single from your 2album, released in 1994, “The Time Is Now”,it was a hit Top 20 at Finland It is Germanyand reached the no. 72 at the Eurochart Hot 100; in addition to achieving the #1 at the stop Dance on Canada and the no. 10 in Israel. This wonderful song, contains the vocals of Paris Red. There are two music video versions for the single; one entirely worked on Chroma Key and colors considered the 1st version of the clip making sense given the title of the song and another where it appears BG and dancers dressed in white. It was directed by Swedish director Matt Broadley.

The song was a huge hit on Brazil,a fact that led to BG presentations in the country; and appearances on TV shows of the time, such as “Xuxa Hits” It is “Domingão Faustão” — times when Brazilian TV still had some value. “Round And Round” and other great, besides “Rock A Bit”, “Stomp” It is “Take Me Through The Night”.
His latest releases were “Only You” with Timi Kullai and Nathan Reynolds III, is that won one Remix excellent, remembering the golden times of Eurodance —, “Now Bounce” with The Mad Stuntman It is “Pretty Black Boy”again with Timi Kullai & Nathan Reynolds IIIall those mentioned are in 2020. Next year, “Sugar” left with Chris Morisson It is Timi again. New remixes of the song were released on January 6, 2023 : Sweet Remix” It is “Dreams Remix”.
The last publication of BG on your page, it was a “Happy New Year”. Already in your profile Guys, a share to congratulate the compatriot actor on his birthday Carl Weathers,in January 14th.

As I quickly mentioned before, I have Bernard among my friends on Facebook, I interacted with him a few times and he was always polite and approachable. Not just with me, with several other people too; always willing and friendly when serving his fans. Jmore I forgot and will never forget the day BG “add” me on “Face”. It was Christmas time, in 2016, I didn’t even expect it, but when I saw it, there was a message from him, “inbox”. It was simply an animation, with a “doll” near a tree, dancing to Christmas music and a “Making you into the Christmas spirit”. So funny and “cute”. I was so absurdly happy, haha! Imagine, I was only on FB for a short time — if I remember correctly, I joined there in 2015 — and receiving such a message from a legendary guy in the world of Eurodance…UAU!. I got a gift bonus Christmas that day. Today, I see this message and my heart sinks and my eyes moisten considerably. It was an honor for me to receive a simple, yet meaningful, message like this.

BGMensagem - América Dance 90's

Some time ago, a video of two guys dancing went viral, doing a remarkable and exciting choreography to “This Beat Is Hot”. I shared this video and tagged Bernard for him to see. He saw it, laughed, really enjoyed it and encouraged the crowd to continue. It was an honor to have him as a friend, even if virtually. Thank you for that, thank you for the music, Bernard!.

…When you fall in a deep sleep, let me be the one that you seek, make you dream pleasant things, thoughts of love as angels sing, make you see a clear blue day…Now we’ll never be apart ,but share one heart,I wanna be your guiding light,be the one you feel is right…Take a look out at the sea,enjoy the view of harmony,roll in tall green grass and make the moment last forever.. .

“…When you fall into a deep sleep, let me be the one you seek, I make you dream pleasant things, thoughts of love while the angels sing, I make you see a clear blue day…Now we will never be apart separate, but share a heart, I want to be your guiding light, be the one you feel is right… Take a look at the sea, enjoy the view of harmony, roll in the tall green grass and make the moment last forever. ..”

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