German DJ and producer DJ Shog dies

German DJ and producer DJ Shog dies - América Dance 90's

Simply,It’s one of the most beautiful trances I’ve ever heard!. Melody and vocals Irma Derby in the most perfect synchrony; its about “Running Water” (2005). There is a presentation from the time, in the Kinki Palacewhich was broadcast by “Club Rotation”. What would Kinki Palace be? Good,It’s a nightclub Sinsheim,Germanywhose owner is none other than Tommy Schleh — yes, himself, the guy from Masterboy!. Speaking of which, Tommy and so many others,prestairam a tribute to his professional companion, on social media. Many DJs/producers and fans expressed complete shock and sadness over what happened.. I heard the news through the Belgian DJ’s Twitter Johan Gielen; Below are some of these messages.

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